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University Renovations

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Phone: (804) 828-9444
Fax: (804) 828-8516

University Renovations is responsible for construction, maintenance reserve and renovation of facilities for both VCU’s Monroe Park and MCV campuses. University Renovations services are now managed by university personnel located in offices at 1512 W. Main St. They utilize the same group of pre-qualified outside contractors to perform construction, maintenance reserve and renovations work ranging up to $500,000. Their responsibilities include scoping and estimating of projects, bidding work, managing contractors, providing as-built documents and managing accounts. They utilize standard commonwealth of Virginia procurement methods, including competitive bidding.


University Renovations is staffed by a group of construction professionals who will assist you in developing the scope of your project, and will prepare an estimate of both the costs and schedule you can anticipate your project to require. They will advertise your project as required by the commonwealth, award a contract and inspect the work during construction and once it is complete to ensure that the project meets your needs.

Pre-term contractors

In order to expedite the execution of projects, VCU has established a group of pre-qualified contractors from whom University Renovations solicits bids for work with an estimated value in excess of $5,000. This group includes general contractors who can perform almost anything imaginable on a construction site as well as contractors who specialize in such skills as painting, electrical or plumbing/mechanical work.


VCU policy encourages the use of small, women-owned and minority (SWAM) business enterprises for performing construction services.

How to submit a project request

University Renovations receives requests for work through the university’s control center at (804) 828-9444 or utilizing the online work request process. Upon receipt, a project manager will be assigned and that individual will contact the customer to begin the process of scoping and estimating the work.

University Renovations is required to competitively bid all work exceeding $7,500 through the established pre-qualified contractors. Under the conditions of their contracts with VCU, the pre-qualified contractors are required to submit pricing when requested or face removal from the list of pre-qualified contractors. For projects estimated to cost under $7,500, University Renovations may, at its discretion, go to a single contractor for pricing, although the normal procedure is to request pricing from a minimum of three pre-qualified firms on a rotational basis, ensuring that each contractor has an opportunity to win jobs and to keep pricing competitive. For projects above $7,500 and $50,000, University Renovations will request pricing from all pre-qualified contractors licensed in the discipline. The contracts are governed by the General Conditions of the Construction Project (Form CO-7) included in the Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional Services Manual.

University Renovations may charge requesters for preparing an estimate for a project with an estimated construction cost of $7,500 or more that is not taken to construction. Hourly rates for estimating work will be charged for estimates that can be done by the on-site estimator. The rate charged will depend on the source of the design/estimate. Work scoped or estimated in-house will normally be charged at the rate of $95.00 per hour. Work scoped or estimated by a professional architect or engineer will be charged at the consultant’s negotiated rate. If work is of such complexity that it has to be sent to an architect, engineer or professional estimator, a higher rate will be assessed. Estimates will only be sent out under special circumstances. In any case, customers will be informed of the cost and anticipated time associated with the development of a project estimate and will be required to approve development of an estimate before the estimate will be done. If the customer decides to proceed with the project, estimating charges will be included as part of University Renovations’ management.