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FMD - Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS)

The primary mission of the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) is to advance and support a safe and healthful environment at VCU and VCUHSA (VCU Health Systems Authority). OEHS works to meet this goal through surveys, consultation, teaching, advising and environmental monitoring. As the University's liaison, OEHS works with outside agencies and organizations to address all applicable standards. OEHS is divided into three sections: Radiation Safety, Chemical/Biological Safety, and Fire and Occupational Safety. OEHS offices are located on both campuses and provide emergency response 24-hours a day. The Safety Awareness Program and Handbook for New Employees and the VCU Safety Manual offer more detailed information about the office and its services.

For more detailed information about the Office of  Environmental Health & Safety, please click here

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