Surplus Property

Surplus Property is responsible for evaluating university property that is excess to the needs of faculty and staff to determine if it has potential resale value or should be scrapped. The surplus property manager will then make arrangements to properly dispose of the excess/surplus property.

For assistance, please submit a work request for this reimbursable service.

Reusing VCU Property

The university encourages the reuse of property within the institution. Form FFIFALV in Banner will allow you to search for specific equipment within the University.

Furthermore, departments searching for a specific item can also contact the Surplus Property Administrator. The Surplus Property Administrator will assist in the search for a specific item. Please make your request for this service by clicking on the link below or by QuikFM.

Departments disposing of items in good condition can contact the Surplus Property Administrator to assist in the process. Every effort will be made to find a department in need of such an item.

Request for service may be initiated by:
Phone: (804) 828-9444
Fax: (804) 828-8516 
Web: Click here for QuikFM
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